Mason Jar Drinking Jars With Custom High Grade Vinyl or Matte Waterproof Sticker

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12 Mason Drinking Jars




Each Drinking Jar Includes:
One “Perfect Mason” Small (500mL)
One Straw Hole Lid with Silicone Grommet
One Stainless Steel Straw
One Custom Jar Design

Choose One of Mason Jar Lids Designs or Upload Your Own :)

Perfect for:
Wedding Drinkware / Favours
Logod ReUsable Drinkware
Birthday Parties
Bachelorette Parties
Baby Shower
Gender Reveal Parties
Engagement Parties
Everyday Family Themed Drinkware
And on and on...

If You Want One of Mason Jar Lids Designs:  leave note of design at checkout

If You Want Your Own Design:  email us your high resolution image to after ordering.  Please specify if you would like vinyl or waterproof matte sticker.

*please note:  We print using a professional photography printer (the highest quality available).  It is important to provide a high resolution image to create the most beautiful product possible.

About Our Materials

All of Mason Jar Lids materials are of highest quality and safety.  Eight months of product research went into sourcing and manufacturing our products.  We are proud to offer fair pricing on all of our products.  We achieve this by ordering in very large quantities and maintaining a good working relationship with our suppliers and manufacturers.

Branded Images for Jars:

Both our vinyls and labeling materials have permanent no residue backing, making it easier for you and the consumer to keep, reuse, upcycle and recycle.


The Vinyl We Use is Durable!

Cut With Professional Machine featuring German Carbide Blades for the Sharpest of Lines

Rated for 6 Years OUTDOOR Use.

Highly UV Resistant = Little Fading

We Have Put Our Personal Jars in the Dishwasher For Eight Months and Counting

The Only Thing They are Not Resistant to is You Picking Them Off :)

If You Decide to Remove the Image There is a No Residue Backing!

Great for simpler designs. Gives a sharp modern feel. 

Available in almost any colour but our favourite is matte black

Waterproof Sticker:

Printed on with Professional Photography Printer

Cut With Professional Machine featuring German Carbide Blades for the Sharpest of Lines Sticks to All Kinds of Stuff Including Glass, Metal, Plastic

Waterproof (no image distortion if gets wet) and UV Resistant

Permanent No Residue Backing

Permanent Marker Writable

HANDWASH ONLY, they can’t take the heat of a dishwasher.


We are the exclusive Canadian supplier for the jars we carry.  Because of this you are able to put forward a product that is unique and desirable.  Our jars are made of pure glass.  With no branding or marking on the jar they are perfect to brand as your own.

Plastisol Lined Lids:

We are the exclusive Canadian supplier of these lids.  Most mason jar lids can rust quickly.  Our lids are lined with a food save plastisol liner, dramatically extending the life the of the lid.  They come in 13 rich colour choices.


All of our metal straws are made with pure food grade stainless steel.

Assembled and Designed in Canada

Parts Made in USA

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