Our Product Materials -

We source the highest grade materials available.  Period.  We are always doing product research.  As technologies change and improve so will Mason Jar Lids.  We follow the Moto "Progress Over Perfection".  We use the best available to us at the time and are willing to change when something better comes along.  Because it Always Does :)

Our Shipping Materials -

You may notice your order comes in a strange box.  That's because we reuse or recycle everything we possibly can!  From the colourful tissue paper made from 100% recycled materials to the refillable ink cartridges used to print packing slips.  We try to incorporate eco friendly procedures on every level!

Our Manufacturing Process -

Some of our items our manufctured on site at our headquarters in Kelowna, BC, Canada.  We source our parts and products in this order:

Locally First

Canada Second

United States Third

If there is no quality option we choose Overseas Fourth

We only work with Overseas manufactures who are monitored by a third party for FTC product quality compliance, employee wellness, and manufacturing standards.

Also, we have our products shipped by air to ensure our Ocean friends aren't at risk :)

Our Employment Standards - 

All of our employees are paid a fair living wage.  Our starting hourly rate is well above minimum wage requirements.  We offer income opportunities to amazing people who require a schedule or working conditions outside of society norms.  When you place an order with Mason jar Lids you can feel great knowing you are providing employment opportunity for really deserving humans who need flexibility in their schedule to thrive.  All while making a great profit for yourself!

Mason Jar Lids is an “EcoCompany With Heart”  

Our mission is to rid our planet of harmful disposable materials by making it easy and enjoyable for people to go zerowaste.  We offer modern, useful, long lasting products that are built upon the successful traditions of the past.


Together We Can Change...  EVERYTHING

Much ❤️, Kristin

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